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Eltman Law

As of April 1, 2018 Eltman Law is no longer representing clients.  If you are a consumer looking for information on your account please call the current creditor directly.  To assist please find below a list of Creditors and the best known Customer Service phone number:

Creditor Contact Information
LVNV 888-665-0374
Navient 888-272-5543
Discover 800-347-4861
Midland 800-265-8825 ext 32980
Atlantic Credit Finance 800-265-8825 ext 32980
Asset Acceptance 800-265-8825 ext 32980
Conns 877-358-1252
Palisades 201-683-5612
DTE 800-477-4747
Merrick Bank NA
National Collegiate 732-704-7626
TF Loan Co NA
Merriman Investments flatlandsops@gmail.com
Erin Capital Management flatlandsops@gmail.com
TSI 732-704-7626